NEWS!!! Новости нашего форума и мира Perfect World!
Значимые для клана даты и события, которые не относятся к Клановым новостям.


Сообщение TerryMat » 22 июл 2023, 07:08 ... post397447

I am very cheerful to see your progress

Thank you very much for your selfless help

What a wonderful and successful activity you have done! ... pid1692305

I want to raise a toast to this lucky moment

As you rightly pointed out, the fun time is the hour ... post399439

Keep up the enormous work you do ... post399514

How beautiful you look new ... post399437

Did you make such a functional and adorable project? ... post397437

You have no idea how much you are dear to me ... post397272

No matter how much your activity costs, I will buy it

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